This wonderful cleanser is developed, particularly to remove resistant makeup from the skin around the eyes and lips. the formula is based on plant extract and natural oils that gently dissolve contaminants without disturbing the natural protective layers of the skin. In addition to deep and soft cleansing, this makeup remover facilitates the  removal of toxins and soothing of irritations, it activates micro-circulation and significantly increase the efficacy of products that are subsequently applied. It also has anti-inflammatory and anti-allergenic properties. This product is suitable for all the skin types.


Eye make-up, including waterproof; lip make-up; thinning skin of periorbital area; crow’s feet; whiteheads around eyes; skin prone to swelling; all skin types

:Application method

Shake the bottle very well until complete mixing of two phases

Apply about 1 ml of the lotion to cotton pad

Remove impurities in eyelid area and lips

Does not require rinsing off with water


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